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How to write a great research paper

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1 How to write a great research paper le Jeu 11 Déc 2014 - 10:35


How to write a great research paper

we write papers and give
talks mainly to impress
others, gain recognition, and
get promoted

Papers communicate ideas

Your goal: to infect the mind of your reader with
your idea, like a virus
Papers are far more durable than programs (think

The abstract

I usually write the abstract last
Used by program committee members to decide
which papers to read
Four sentences [Kent Beck]
1. State the problem
2. Say why it’s an interesting problem
3. Say what your solution achieves
4. Say what follows from your solution

State your contributions

Write the list of contributions first
The list of contributions drives the entire paper:
the paper substantiates the claims you have made
Reader thinks “gosh, if they can really deliver this,
that’s be exciting; I’d better read on”

No related work yet

Problem 1: describing alternative
approaches gets between the reader
and your idea
Problem 2: the reader knows nothing
about the problem yet; so your (carefully
trimmed) description of various technical
tradeoffs is absolutely incomprehensible

Conveying the idea

Explain it as if you were speaking to someone using
a whiteboard
Conveying the intuition is primary, not secondary
Once your reader has the intuition, she can follow
the details (but not vice versa)
Even if she skips the details, she still takes away
something valuable


Your introduction makes claims
The body of the paper provides evidence to
support each claim
Check each claim in the introduction, identify the
evidence, and forward-reference it from the claim
Evidence can be: analysis and comparison, theorems,
measurements, case studies

Making sure related work is accurate

A good plan: when you think you are done, send the
draft to the competition saying “could you help me
ensure that I describe your work fairly?”.
Often they will respond with helpful critique
They are likely to be your referees anyway, so getting
their comments up front is jolly good.

The process

Start early. Very early.
Hastily-written papers get rejected.
Papers are like wine: they need time to mature
Use CVS to support collaboration

Listening to your reviewers

Read every criticism as a positive suggestion for
something you could explain more clearly
DO NOT respond “you stupid person, I meant X”.
Fix the paper so that X is apparent even to the
stupidest reader.
Thank them warmly. They have given up their time
for you.

Visual structure

Give strong visual structure to your paper using
sections and sub-sections
laid-out code
Find out how to draw pictures, and use them

2 Re: How to write a great research paper le Jeu 11 Déc 2014 - 11:00

Admin Hania


Thank you very much for the useful article. 

The quality of a researcher is reflected on the quality of his work and publications. 
Good luck to all colleagues. 

Best reguards. 

3 How to write a great research paper le Jeu 11 Déc 2014 - 16:29


Hi everyone,

every researcher is expected to write a research paper one day or another. Very encouraging and interesting article! Thanks for sharing.

4 Re: How to write a great research paper le Ven 12 Déc 2014 - 20:13


You are welcome

Best Regards

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